Navigating the COVID-19 “New Normal” Amidst Re-openings


As the country begins to reopen and restrictions loosen, we face one of the most critical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is imperative that we understand that preserving the American economy is not necessarily synonymous with preserving American lives. While we have collectively made a strong and effective effort to flatten the curve and buy our hospitals and medical communities time, the virus still poses a significant threat to our nation and especially elderly populations. Yes, the spread may have slowed, but reopening businesses means more human interaction, and, unfortunately, the continued transmission of the novel coronavirus. This pandemic is far from over, and we must continue to engage in social distancing, consistent hand-washing, and wearing of PPE whenever possible to avoid contraction and spread of the virus.

The safest place for your older loved ones has been and remains to be at home. Granny Nannies is here to help elderly populations age gracefully and safely in place, with our certified caretakers equipped to handle any and all needs including meal prep, prescription pick-ups, grocery shopping, and more. Our 1 to 1 ratio ensures patients receive personalized service from one caretaker paired specifically with them, perfectly tailored to their requirements by one of our experienced coordinators.

Despite the governmental shift, the COVID-19 pandemic is unfortunately here to stay for some time. Let us help you and your loved ones navigate it safely together. Call us today to schedule a free virtual consultation.