COVID-19’s Most Dangerous Symptom For The Elderly

At this point, most of us are very well versed in the symptoms caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Headaches, shortness of breath, dry-coughing, fever, and fatigue round out the primary maladies plaguing infected populations around the globe. But there’s another symptom that can be equally as devastating, although, thankfully, not as deadly. Loneliness.

While many across the country have been enjoying the repeal of stay-at-home orders, resulting in surges in coronavirus cases nationwide, at-risk populations like the elderly have been staying inside. While this remains the safest place, it does come with some risks. Loneliness can have a harrowing effect on one’s mental health, resulting in anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. This in turn can put stress on immune function, rendering them less likely to survive a battle with COVID-19. Most of us would love to spend extra time with our elderly loved ones to alleviate such symptoms. But unfortunately, some of our lifestyles would put our older family members at an even greater risk of potentially contracting the virus.

So how can we help those remaining alone at home to feel better during this pandemic? Granny Nannies licensed and certified caregivers are ready to safely assist your elderly family members with household chores, meal prep, prescription pick-ups, and more. But most importantly, they are here to provide them with much-needed companionship to help combat loneliness and ensure that patients are enjoying the highest possible quality of life given the circumstances. You can rest easy that your family members are well taken care of, despite not being able to physically be with them. Thankfully, technology is here to help as well. Our caretakers can help your loved ones coordinate Zoom chats and FaceTimes so that you can share a smile with your parent or grandparent. We can’t think of a better way to brighten their day. This is a difficult time, but we’ll get through this together. Granny Nannies is here to help.