Granny NANNIES is featured on SER & Associates’ Small Business Stories


S&A asked:  What is Granny NANNIES?

We are a company that helps elderly clients age in the comfort of their own homes by providing caregivers who help with daily activities such as errands, transportation, fall prevention, nutrition, light housekeeping, and medications. The caregivers also offer companionship.

S&A asked:  What prompted you to start your own business?

“I purchased my Granny NANNIES franchise locations in Coral Gables and The Florida Keys in 2011 after five years in the home healthcare sector of corporate America,” says owner Meghan Phelan Goicouria. “The benefit of owning a business is flexibility. I love having the ability to structure a life that can support my family and spend quality time with them. I also enjoy being a role model to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs.”
S&A asked: How is your business dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

“We are a team of millenials, so making this change from an office-based essential business to a home-based essential business was relatively easy. We have all been accustomed to this digital life since we were very young.

There are two parts to Granny NANNIES. There is the caregiving piece, in which we refer clients to licensed, bonded, and insured nursing assistants or home health aides to care for the most vulnerable populations. Because of their certification, they are fully trained to protect our clients through this COVID-19 crisis.

Our nursing assistants and home health aides are using PPE, infection control measures, and universal precautions during their shifts. They are also calling their Client Service Coordinators in the office to report any hint of symptoms, so we can immediately remove them from their duties and provide a replacement until they are cleared by a doctor.

There is also the management side of our business. We leverage our skills in technology to provide the customer with fully automated ways for onboarding, admissions, scheduling, problem mitigation, and quality assurance. We are still providing our existing clients and any new clients with a personalized approach to home care 100% digitally. We were already set up for this!”

S&A asked: What advice can you provide to other businesses and/or business owners?

“Always take care of yourself first. You cannot be a healthy role model or leader for your employees if your basic needs aren’t being met.”

Granny NANNIES of Miami and Granny Nannies of The Florida Keys have been in business for nine years.  Ser & Associates is proud to be serving as Granny Nannies’ corporate legal counsel.

Need someone to help an aging relative or loved one? Support a small business like Granny NANNIES. Call their Coral Gables office today at (305) 783-3860 or Florida Keys office at (786) 971-6388 for more information.