Senior Home Care: Parents Moving in with You? Consider This First

You relied on your parents to raise you when you were young, perhaps even living with them into young adulthood. It only seems natural that you should do the same for them when they can no longer live safely on their own, right? It can be a great way for you and your family to bond with them and for you to get to know a different part of your parents. Furthermore, it can help your parents avoid some of the social isolation and other risk factors that come with aging. But is it right for everyone?

Here’s what you and your aging parents should consider when contemplating moving into the same home.

Questions You Should Ask

  • How will this affect my family?
  • Are there any issues between my parents and a member of my family that will cause problems?
  • Will this affect our family dynamic negatively?
  • Will we have to remodel or add on to our home to accommodate my parents?
  • Will my parent require any care and who will help with it?
  • Can we afford for my parent to move in?
  • Will my daily schedule change? Will I have to quit working?
  • How will we establish boundaries?
  • Do my parents want to move?
  • Do I feel like I have a choice in accepting this role?

Questions Your Loved One Should Ask

  • Will moving affect my routine?
  • Does my child behave in a way that bothers me?
  • Do I enjoy my family’s company?
  • Should I help out with living expenses and accommodations?
  • How will being dependent on family change my relationship with them?

Communicate with Each Other

Once you have both thought it over, come together to have a conversation. It’s important to be open and honest with each other as this is a major life decision that affects everyone involved. It might make you feel uncomfortable, but better to work out any problems beforehand than to discover them after moving house.

Moving in together can also be a joyous occasion that comes with plenty of positives. It’s critical to acknowledge these positive aspects as you move forward, such as being able to spend more time with family, having an extra person to help out around the house, and nurturing the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren. To make sure you don’t forget these positives, write them down. Reading them again when you are having a difficult time can make the situation feel more positive.

Living with Your Loved One Not Ideal? Try Senior Home Care Instead

Not all families are equipped to care for their elderly loved ones. If moving your parent or loved one in with you is not an option, you might want to look into other care and companionship options, such as home care.

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