3 Common Caregiver Challenges (and How Doctors Can Help)

When you are a caregiver, you need to possess empathy, patience, and a whole lot of energy. Common caregiver challenges can lead to burnout. For family members who have become caregivers for an aging loved one, that’s not an option. Doctors can help their aging patients and their family caregivers.

If your patient is receiving care from a loved one, be on the lookout for signs of these three challenges that caregivers face.


Being responsible for the health and well-being of a loved one can be extremely stressful for a family caregiver. It’s a lot of pressure, and you can’t afford to make a lot of mistakes. There are tons of tasks that need to be completed daily—from managing medications and appointments to laundry and bathing, to name a few—and it can feel like it’s never-ending. All of the constant pressure can lead to extreme levels of stress that are bad not only for the caregiver but can also put the patient in danger too.

If you notice that any of your patients’ caregivers exhibit symptoms of stress, take a moment to talk to them about it. Try to suggest some relaxation exercises, even those that only take five to ten minutes, such as deep breathing and meditation. Depending on the severity of the case, you might refer them to a therapist so that they can deal with their stress in a healthy way.


The elderly are at risk for social isolation, but many people don’t realize that their caregivers are too. When you’re a family caregiver, your loved one can take up every square inch of your life. You feel as though you don’t have time for anything else because you have so much to do and so much riding on you.

Doctors who understand this can help by suggesting that caregivers reach out to family and friends for social gatherings and support.

Financial Difficulties

If you’re taking care of a loved one full-time, you probably aren’t working full-time, which means you aren’t bringing in as much money as you did when you were. Money is one of the biggest stressors for caregivers. The truth is caring for an aging loved one is expensive, especially if you don’t have a wide support system of family and friends.

Doctors Can Help with Caregiver Challenges

Simply by understanding what your aging patients and their caregivers are going through, you can care for them in a better way that could help them find a way to cope with their situation. Whether you help them by giving them strategies to fight stress or by encouraging them to seek support in their families and communities, you are helping them deal with the challenges that caregivers often face.

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