Safe In Nature

As we collectively come to terms with the new normal, doing our best to make the right choices to preserve our lives as well as our mental and emotional well-being, many of us are struggling with all this time spent inside. While the safest place for your elderly loved ones during the pandemic remains at home, it can be difficult to stay confined in our spaces, especially for so long. After all, humans aren’t meant to spend so much time alone indoors. So how can at-risk populations get some much needed fresh air during a global health crisis? Granny Nannies is here to help with some safe guidelines and suggestions.

Walk It Out

Stretch your legs and go for a stroll, or roll along if walking is too tough. Moving your body is great for your overall health, and the scenery doesn’t hurt either. Just remember your mask!

Beach Day

There are few better feelings than sand beneath your toes, and the ocean can be incredibly healing. Bring your umbrella to guard against the heat, and keep your chairs separate from other unknown beachgoers. 

Picnic In The Park

Pack up your favorite lunchtime snacks, roll out a cozy blanket and enjoy a nice day amongst nature out in the sun or under a shady tree. 

Outdoor Dining

While dining at home is definitely a safer option, sitting outside at a local restaurant you truly trust could be a safe opportunity for those itching for a culinary experience. Just make sure tables are spaced far apart, and that the restaurant is complying with CDC guidelines.

Grow A Garden

Gardening is a fun, rewarding and relaxing hobby that allows you to reconnect with nature. Plant some flowers, or grow your own fruits and veggies to be eaten later!

Sun Salutation

Yoga is an excellent tool to mitigate stress, get blood flowing, and improve your overall health. Doing some light yoga outside is a nice way to ground yourself and connect with the earth during this difficult time. 


Granny Nannies certified care professionals are here to help your elderly loved ones to safely engage in any of the above activities as well as provide a variety of additional services at home. Call now to schedule your free virtual consultation, today!