Self-Care for Caregivers: 3 Important Reasons to Get Those 8 Hours of Sleep

We’ve all heard it before—if you’re not getting eight hours of sleep, then you’re not getting enough. Unfortunately, sometimes our bodies don’t cooperate. According to the National Center for Sleep Disorders, as much as 15 percent of Americans suffer from insomnia.

As a caregiver to an elderly loved one, you’ve probably experienced insomnia a few times yourself. I know I have. When your brain has to keep track of countless appointments and medications, perhaps on top of a job, it can be hard to turn it off at night.

If you think you’re not doing any damage to yourself by skipping a few hours of rest each night, then you need to keep reading.

Sleep Combats Depression

Caring for an aging or ailing loved one is extremely difficult. In fact, it can be downright depressing, if we’re being frank. To watch someone who raised you, someone you’ve looked up to struggle to care for themselves is never easy. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re actually making things worse. The National Sleep Foundation reports that not getting the proper amount of sleep increases your risk of developing depression and other mental health issues.

Sleep Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the most common issues with which caregivers have to cope. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re putting even more strain on your physical and emotional health. Several studies link sleep deprivation with increased stress symptoms. Likewise, increased stress levels often exacerbate insomnia, so learning to control stress levels is crucial.

One of the tools we use to help us sleep at night is to exercise our mind and body during the day at work. We use an application called, “One Minute Change.” If you are not clearing your mind and moving your body during the day then it’s harder to shut down at night.

Do you already feel stressed even just with the word “exercise”? You may be thinking you need to work out for a long time and sweat a lot in order to get your sleep clock on the right track. But we only need one minute. Yes, just one minute. This one minute is used to get connected with you, feel your presence and clear your mind. It is one minute for self-love and self-care. You will find how powerful one minute can be. You don’t need expert instruction, perfect regimen, or precise calculation. The important thing is to get stared in caring for yourself and get moving for better sleep at night.

If you’re interested in the tool we use at Granny NANNIES in Miami take a look at this link:

Sleep Improves Memory Function

When you’re the primary caregiver for someone with medical needs, having a great memory is so important. Forgetting to administer medication at the proper time or forgetting what time therapy is could have dire consequences. However, when you get a full night’s sleep, you are also ramping up your memory function. Though they’re not certain how or why, scientists suppose that the sleep cycle helps your brain process and retain new information, thus sharpening your memory upon waking.

Being a caregiver requires a lot from a person, but it’s also important to practice self-care from time to time. Getting the proper amount of sleep each night should be your first step to achieving better health while caring for your loved one.

Granny Nannies understands the trials that caregivers undergo to give their loved ones the attention and help they need. If you feel overwhelmed or run down from performing your caregiving duties, know that there is help. Granny Nannies offers a variety of services to help caregivers give to their family the assistance they need without compromising their own health. From ongoing senior home care to temporary accident recovery services, we are there when you need us. Call us today at (305) 591-1818 and ask us about our free in-home consultation.